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Byzhosting Networks national backbone is ranked among the top in the nation. Connections ranging from OC3s (155Mbps) to gigE (1,000Mbps) connect several major exchange points, (including MAE-West in San Jose, CA; PAIX in Palo Alto, CA; AADS in Chicago, IL; NYIIX in New York, NY; and MAE-East in Vienna, VA) forming rings around the nation.

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Summary Network Info

Tier 1 National Backbone connected directly to over Three Hundred Major National and International Networks.

We are directly connected to Sprint, AT&T, Level(3), AOL, UUNET, MSN and many more.

Unparalleled Speed
Our self-healing network architecture virtually eliminates a single point of failure. In addition to our own backbone, we also purchase backup transit from multiple providers in multiple locations to ensure that your data will arrive via the shortest possible routes. Because of our backup transit and the many international peers, our network maintains the shortest routes for sending your data all over the world. On an ongoing basis, we are negotiating with the top fiber carriers for new routes, additional backup transit providers, and we are signing on new peering relationships.

Reliability Through Technology
Byzhosting switched network utilizes the Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4) over Cisco 12000 series GSR routers. We always update the router's IOS after we have stress tested the latest IOS on a non-critical router, to make sure it is very stable. The switch that your equipment will ultimately be connected to is connected back to a core router via fiber.

Byzhosting Networks has one of the friendliest peering policies in the industry. We will peer with any network that is connected to one or more of the exchange points that we have in common.


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