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IP Address Policies

1.0 Justification and Usage
1.1 Per ARIN rules, all IP address provided by Byzhosting Networks must follow proper usage justifications. It is now mandatory to submit proper IP usage justifications before the IPs are released.

1.2 Byzhosting Networks understand the needs of IP address in hosting environment and will make every efforts to provide them for those in need. In order to make sure a fair distributions of IP address, we have setup a number of policies.

1.2.1 Byzhosting Networks discourage the use of 1 IP per website. Properly configured server have the ability to host multiple websites on a single IP address.

2.0 Unauthorize use of non-assigned IPs
2.1 Using non-assigned IP address will cause downtime to the assigned owner of the IP address. The following action will be take against your account.

2.1.1 Your server will be disabled until contact is made with system administrator.

2.1.2 $500 labor fees will be applied to your account.

2.1.3 Your account may be cancelled without a refund.

2.2 Byzhosting Networks encourage users to contact technical support for IP address assignment and binding to avoid accidentally added non-assigned IP address to the server.

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