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Service Level Agreements

1.0 Service Definition
1.1 Managed Services is defined as weekly server maintenance performed by our server technician. Service performed includes securing the server, log clean up, configuration clean up, security patches, application and system software patches, fixing server software, providing support on software that pre-installed on the server, creating accounts on hosting server, setting up dns for clients and installing ssl certificates.

1.1.1 The following will void the fully managed server fixes: Software installation performed by user which results in the server not to function normally. Software upgrades performed by user which results in software in the server to be non operational. Remote kernel upgrades which results in the server to be unbootable.

1.2 Semi-managed Services is defined as 24/7 monitoring and automatic server reboot service performed by our staff. No services listed in section 1.1 will be performed.

1.3 Unmanaged Services is defined as no weekly maintenance on the server and no services listed in section 1.1 and 1.2 will be performed. Custom support is provided with a $100 per hour labor fees, per support incident.

1.4 Server software is defined as software that pre-installed to the server including Apache, Bind, mySQL, Proftpd, CPPOP, SSH, Exim, CPanel, WHM and scripts that is included in CPanel.

1.5 Third party software is defined as software that is not included in server pre-installation listed in section 1.3

1.6 Monitoring service is defined as a server dedicated to monitor TCP/IP connectivity of a server. Monitoring server may be located in internal network, external and international (outside U.S.).

2.0 Guaranteed Service
2.1 Byzhosting Networks provides guaranteed on 99.98% network uptime policy and 99.98% server uptime policy on web hosting, ecommerce hosting, email hosting and ResellerPlus accounts. In the event of uptime not met, Byzhosting Networks agrees to refund the client a 5% of the monthly billing per 30 minutes of service downtime, up to 100% of clients monthly fees.

2.2 Uptime guarantee only apply to managed or unmanaged dedicated server in the event of server unreachable caused by network failure.

3.0 Hardware Replacement and Restoration
3.1 Hardware replacement will occur from 24 to 48 hours from the reported problem. Byzhosting Networks will refund 20% of the monthly per additional 24 hours of downtime. A maximum of 100% of client's monthly fees will be refunded.

3.2 Byzhosting Networks will restore system to it's original state, in case of hardware failure or corrupted data. Byzhosting Networks will not be responsible for any data lost during this process. A charge of $40 will be incurred per server restoration.

4.0 Service Exclusion
4.1 Service downtime does not cover downtime caused by:

4.1.1 Client’s local area network.

4.1.2 Client-provided Internet connectivity or end-user software.

4.1.3 Anything inside Client’s internal network including, but not limited to, firewallconfiguration and bandwidth to internet, local area workstations, servers, software, and configuration.

4.1.4 Client's Internet Service Provider.

4.1.5 Client's connectivity path to Byzhosting Networks' Data Centers.

5.0 Service Downtime Exclusion
5.1 The following may not be counted or applied towards the uptime guarantee:

5.1.1 Any scheduled or emergency service downtime or upgrades.

5.1.2 Any network problem occurred outside Byzhosting Networks' network.

5.1.3 Any interruptions, delays or failures caused by Client or Client’s employees, agents, or subcontractors, such as, but not limited to, the following:

5.1.4 Inaccurate server configuration, web hosting account configuration, email configuration.

5.1.5 Non-compliant use of any software installed on the server.

5.1.6 Over-utilization of clients' server.

5.1.7 Any problems related to the attacks on the machine such as hacking, attacks, and exploits.

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